He’s Knocking at the Door


“Behold I stand at the door and knock. If any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him and he with me.” Revelation 3:20

Jesus is speaking through John the Baptist via the Holy Spirit’s revelation to him.
John sees Jesus standing at the door of our hearts, asking to come in.
The truth is that Jesus is continuously asking for us to open the door that was once closed to him, so that he can come in and begin the work that he was sent to do; the work of redemption; the forgiveness of sin; and the process of healing from the effects of that sin in our body, soul and spirit. When we receive the gift of salvation, our spirit is “born again” and made brand new into a new creation–we get a new spirit; the new “basic structure” of a person. However, our body and soul are not new; they remain tainted by the effects of that sin. We still have our old habits, our old ways of doing things; many of them very wrong, very twisted, and often quite harmful to us and those around us. We must renew our mind to the fact that we are now redeemed, and begin the process of accepting the mind of Christ, who now lives within us.
How do we do that??
Jesus says: “Open the door, and I’ll come in to you”.
All of my life I’ve heard preachers say that Jesus “fixes things”, solves problems, carries burdens, heals hurts, etc. But the simple truth is that Jesus can’t do a thing if we don’t let him in.
If he’s standing there knocking and we say “Oh, it’s Jesus” and ignore the knock, we miss letting the Counsellor in. We miss the Healer. The Comforter stays outside, and the Prince of Peace is not in residence.
Why do we do this??
Do we not understand the instructions are simple??
Open the door.
Let him in.
We have to let him in.
We have to let him in, because inside is where our heart is. The “seat” of our emotions and will. The place where our attitudes get formed. The place that usually needs healing the most. Sometimes our heart gets “broken”. It ends up jagged and bleeding, and unable to beat with any strength at all; definitely not enough to sustain life. Oh sure, maybe we’re walking around breathing and look alive, but inside we’re only half there. Is that you?? Anyone who has gone through the break-up of a close relationship knows what that feels like. Most of the time, that broken heart gets patched up, and we carry on, muddling through life, hoping that one day the pain will be gone, and we can forget about it once and for all.
But the pain never goes away until we find a way to get it healed. It keeps popping up, over and over again, until we hit rock bottom and admit we can’t ignore it anymore.
Most of the time when I’ve heard Jesus at the door, I’ve kept it closed. Often it’s because I haven’t understood how to open that particular door, or unlock that particular lock. I just think I’ve invited him in to fix the problem but I really haven’t; the door remains shut and my heart remains the same.

Not healed.

Still broken.

Still containing the same lies planted there long ago by the enemy of our souls.

Lies that say I have to live like this.

That’s not true.

Some of you have lived like that a long time. It’s never too late to begin again. Jesus called it being “born again”, with everything becoming brand new. He also said we get ‘new mercies every morning’; any mercy we used up yesterday, we can have a whole new batch this morning. That’s really good news!

When we open the door to Jesus when he knocks the first time; it begins a process of opening the door again and again, because most of us have many doors in our hearts that are closed. Some people call these “walls”. To people, they look like walls; but somehow Jesus can always find the door in every wall we put up, and it’s that door he knocks on. And he keeps knocking and knocking, and hopefully, one day we open that door and let him in to that area of our life. The doors seem to be progressive; they lead one by one to a deeper level of intimacy with him. At first, he comes in and we let him have dinner with us, but all the other doors are closed. We would never dare let him into the rooms that contain our deep hurts and issues; the ones that we would never show to most of our friends because they are too painful or raw. You can only rip the bandage off so many times before you learn to leave it on so the wound doesn’t start bleeding again.

But Jesus keeps knocking even at the doors that house the most painful things in our lives. Loss and grief; betrayal; abuse; loneliness; unresolved and unending conflict; lost hopes and dreams; rejection; misunderstanding. Everything that makes us withdraw from human contact, Jesus is willing to touch. He was willing to touch lepers; the most unclean, reviled people of his time on earth. In the same way, he is willing to touch our unclean hearts and restore them to something viable and pliable; hearts of flesh in place of hearts of stone.

Compassion for our condition is always present with Jesus. He never refuses to discuss something because we already talked about it yesterday.

That’s amazing love. Unending love.

The kind of love that made him offer his life in exchange for ours.
And yet, he’s never willing to leave us in our state of incompleteness. He says that what he started, he will finish; the work that he’s doing will be completed in the end. We can have hope in that. We can believe in that. We must also persevere in that.
We must continue to open the closed doors of our heart, one by one, until he has been into every room and every messy closet and junk drawer. We must not hold back our life from transformation. We are reminded to offer ourselves as “living sacrifices”.

So begin today to open the door to Jesus. He says that if we open the door to him, he will come in and sit down and eat with us like a good friend.

Wow, that sounds good, doesn’t it??

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This Gospel of Peace

How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?
And how shall they preach, except they be sent? As it is written, how beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things. Romans 10: 14 &15

How many times do we think this passage of scripture applies only to non-believers?
Who are the non-believers?
Is it anyone who doesn’t believe the gospel?
Is it anyone who doesn’t believe this gospel of peace?
If so, then the numbers of “unbelievers” will likely include many of us who profess to believe, yet we don’t believe it all.
Do we just believe that Jesus Christ saves? A one-time, generic, one-size-fits-all, when-you-die-you-go-to-heaven-instead-of-hell-but-in-the-meantime-you-are-just-miserable type of gospel that’s kind of bland and kind of terrifying all in the same package.
Or do we also believe that Jesus saves us ( at the time we are originally born again and made a new creature), AND sanctifies us ( makes us holy), AND justifies us ( presents us to the Father just as if we had never sinned), AND heals us from all diseases and the effects of sin, AND delivers us from evil, AND that all of that is a done deal; a finished work of art.

Just what is the gospel of peace??

The gospel of peace is the good news that we have been reconciled to God……that simply means we are no longer separated from him. The original sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden ripped us away from God; it tore us and Him apart. We could not be in Gods presence because He is holy and we were not. The amazing news of the gospel of peace says HE has provided reconciliation. He has restored mankind to a position of right standing with God. We are no longer condemned to a life of separation from our creator . We can go to him at any time, because HE came to us.

For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, that whosoever believes on him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Emmanuel; God with us.

So why don’t we really believe this?
Why don’t we live like we have everlasting life and that it starts the minute we believe?
Is it because we haven’t had it declared to us enough times? ( how will we call on him if we haven’t heard or believed?)

2 Corinthians 3:17…….. Where the spirit of The Lord is; there is liberty.

Liberty for what? Freedom for what?

Romans 8:2 says that we through “the spirit of life in Christ Jesus, have been made free from the law of sin and death”.

We are no longer trapped and bound by a system of justice that says you sinned, so you must pay. Our sin has already been paid for. We ARE free. Not we will be free. We ARE free. We don’t have the chains of sin wrapped around us anymore. We are free. We don’t have to live like everything we do is being judged; like we will one day answer for it.
Wow, it is a scary thing to think that every action, every thing I say and do, will be judged, and Gods gavel will crash down and he will say “GUILTY”! My sin and my bad attitude and my entire life has already been judged. He judged it all at the cross when Jesus died. Jesus died in my place, for everything I did; he already paid for everything I will ever do and say. And I go free. My sentence is paid for. The jail cell opens and I walk out a free person.
God sees me now as righteous. Good. Holy. Pure. I have nothing left to do except say thank you. The blood sacrifice of Jesus’ death on the cross paid it all for me. And this is true whether I believe it or not.
The same is true whether YOU believe it or not. Jesus paid for you when he died on the cross whether you believe it or not.
I can walk in the truth of full redemption, the truth of his amazing love; or I can walk like a sinner. I can stay back there in the past and wallow in my sin. Or I can walk into the presence of God and have him change my way of thinking. I can walk right up to him and say “Lord, Thank you for your amazing sacrifice; now take this mess and do whatever you want with it. Fix me or don’t fix me. Your choice. You have redeemed me. I’m yours.

That is the gospel of peace.
Amazing grace.
Simply a message of reconciliation with our mighty Creator.
The God of the universe come down.
God with us.
Not God up there……God right here and right now.

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Escaped Into Freedom

Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowlers; the snare is broken and we are escaped.
Our help is in the name of The Lord, who made heaven and earth. Psalms 124: 7-8

We were captive birds. We were snared. At the very best, we were in captivity; at the worst, we were going to be someone’s dinner. But the snare was broken, and we escaped. We have flown away into freedom. My soul was captive and now I’m free.

The bird didn’t get away on its own; he had help– someone broke the snare.

There is nothing like being free after a time of captivity……..kids let out of school at recess time…..even better; kids let out of school on the day summer vacation begins: what a feeling of freedom!

We are escaped and free, because our help is in the name of The Lord. The Lord delivered us from the snare of the fowlers; The Lord is the one who rescued us.

When King David states his help comes from The Lord- he tacks on “who made heaven and earth”.
He says God helped me, and by the way, I just want to mention that he’s the God who created everything. He’s the one who created all of us. He’s the one who made us, so he’s well able to rescue us.
If you’re born again; if you’re a believer; if you believe that Jesus died for your sin, and that he rose again in power and authority; then your soul is escaped. You are free. Free from the bondage of sin and death and everything that goes along with it. Free from sickness and sadness. Free from the lies and traps set by the devil. Free from oppressions. Free from anything that would control you.
You are free.

Where do I go from your spirit? Where do I flee from your presence? If I make my bed in the depths of the sea you are there with me. Psalms 139: 7-8/

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Our Soul is Escaped


Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowlers:
the snare is broken and we are escaped.
Our help is in the name of The Lord, who made heaven and earth.
Psalms 124: 7&8

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Your Light

The light of the body is the eye; if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.
But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!
No man can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. Matthew 6: 22-24

You can make any person transparent by looking at their vision or purpose. If your vision is clear and pure, your whole being is full of brightness and light and that light will shine on everything.

If your vision is evil, self-serving, and stems from a diseased character and purpose; the evil and darkness in you will overcome and overshadow everything else about you and no brightness (good)
will be able to survive.

You can’t serve two bosses. You will eventually end up hating one or the other; at the very least preferring one over the other. By the same token- you can’t serve God AND money; it’s either one or the other.

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